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Our blend of nano-amplified Cannabinoids bring balance to your mind and body by enhancing the body's naturally occurring compounds within the Endocannabinoid System.


Terpenes offer a wide range of medicinal benefits that each have their own unique qualities that enhance the overall makeup of our cannabis strains.


Mushrooms are potent with beneficial qualities for mind and body such as natural nutrients, gut health and brain support, and more.


Adaptogens are known to support overall wellness, as well as increase longevity and quality of life.


Our Beliefs

We have high standards when it comes to the products we curate, and only premium-quality ingredients are used in every formula. We value the importance of trust in the wellness space and we exceed those expectations.

clean | vegan | non-gmo | lab tested

RISE Oil Tincture

Elevate your morning routine with RISE. Infused with a powerful blend of CBD+CBG, Lion's Mane, Green Tea Extract, and L-Theanine. An all-natural way to give your mind, body, and mood a boost.


Ritual + Save

Consistency is key in any form of self-care. The natural ingredients we use reach optimal results with daily use by compounding and allowing your body to adjust to the benefits.

Put your daily ritual on autopilot and enjoy 20% off every order when you choose 'ritual and save'.

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